Saturday, May 28, 2005

Scoping In

Before I actually post anything here, probably it'll be useful for me to post my own devolpment interest so that most of you will able to expect what's in store in the future :):

  • Microsoft .NET development: .NET framework v1.1 and 2.0 beta, C#. Probably some DirectX9.NET development if I manage to find the time to learn it :)
  • Programming languages: Those in the C family, as in C, C++ and C#
  • Webpage development: Mostly still XHTML and CSS tips. But I'll be learning ASP.NET and PHP during my plans to develop my personal homepage some time soon. And I'll definitely looking into web services as well.
  • APIs: Win32 Platform SDK, GDK and DirectX9
  • Academic research: Computer vision (Intel OpenCV). Probably will learn neural networks
I think that should be about it. Currently my main focus will be C, C#, Intel OpenCV and Win32 API. So do expect me to start posting up stuff as I flex my programming muscles again :).

The Digital Blue Wave: Revived At Blogger!

Thanks to my friend, I found myself reviving my previous technical blog that I have been keeping over theSpoke previously ( Well... personally there's nothing wrong with that blog, just that the layout is so dull that I don't really feel like posting there. So there you have it :P.

Anyway, as per The Digital Blue Wave tradition, this will be purely a technical blog where everything will only focus on technology, mainly regarding programming tutorials, tips, discoveries, probably some cool technological stuff here and there, and probably some discussion regarding how technology will impact the human lifestyle (for better or worse).

In case you want to know me personally (as in want to have a sneak peak at my personal life), my main blog, In Hues of Blue, is up at LiveJournal at

Anyway, hope I'll have fun posting stuff over here (at least the layout does feel inviting for me to actually post stuff anyway XDDD). And stay tuned for updates :).

[P/S: To view my older posts in the past, do refer my old version of the blog over It's in the link section at the right hand corner :)]