Tuesday, June 24, 2008

PC vs Mac: Breaking Advert Placing Barriers

I'm always amused when Apple comes up with their quirky "PC and Mac" video advertisements. And apparently their creative team seem to know how to utilize traditional online advertisement place holders in a creative way.

As you can see from the image on top, they utilize TWO advertisement spaces: the top banner and side panel ad space and orchestrate a situation in which PC touts their own "PC Newwire" which pipes through the coolest PC news. And instead of what he hoped for, what we see are news of Vista bashing and people downgrading to XP and an agitated PC. And then we'll get to see a Mac after the punchline is delivered.

What I really liked about the ad is how Apple's advertising team are willing to experiment and think outside the box. In fact I didn't really get the joke until I notice they used two online advertisement space. Typically my eyes were "trained" to "overlook" those typical (yet effective) ad placement areas. So in effect it really got me curious and trying to play that ad video again and again until I found out their creative trick.

Apple may have paid the cost of having two ad impressions and this unusual "two ads working as one" act may not work that effectively. But I had to say that this concept is very impressive and I would applaud them for being creative :).

(*Note: This ad is not sponsored by Apple in any way, and I didn't intend to publicize what blog that sports the ad :p)