Wednesday, January 16, 2008

New Gadget! Asus Eee PC :D

Here's a new addition to my list of gadgets: say hello to my Asus Eee PC! :D

This ultraportable is definitely a god-send in my opinion, not only it's small, light-weight and most excitingly, it's really inexpensive! (with UMPCs carrying a much higher price tag) Despite being slightly underpowered, it's already powerful enough for most office applications, which makes it really suitable for myself to lug around should I be outstation for one reason or the other. Neat, huh? :)

Anyway, been spending two days of restless night to have pre-loaded Xandros Linux removed and have eeeXubuntu installed in its place: together with all the minor tweaks and package installation to make it a personalized power house.

Still not used to the extremely small keyboard with keys just the size of my own fingertips, so that makes it pretty unsuitable for tasks that require speed typing. But things like normal surfing and stuff was pretty usable. The small 7" screen is really something that needs to get used to as well, my eyes felt strained from time to time (mainly due to the LCD brightness though, 8pt fonts are still very readable in its current state).

Other than that, I'm looking forward on the possibilities this ultraportable will bring to my work and the computer market overall. With the critical success of the Eee PC, I'm pretty sure most manufacturers will really want to have their slice of the pie as well.

Do have to say a well job done to the Asus design team whom get it right during its first launch! :D (compared to the hyped tablet PC which no manufacturer seems to make it take off in any sense)