Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Hello world, Nokia

That goes without saying ;)

Don't underestimate this simplistic program though, getting it compiled is hard enough without official Linux support from Nokia and there's no concrete and definite community documentation that outlines how to use the Nokia SDKs in Linux (after Nokia dropping the Concept SDK for Linux, that is). It took me quite a lot of obscure googling to get that working.

I'm still working out a simpler way to get this done instead of a very hack-ish bash script that I assembled just now. From the steps that was needed, I'm pretty sure that I could do somthing about having it to work with EclipseME (hopefully I'm right at the fact that it'd only involve modify some files that Nokia supplied in their SDKs ;) ).

Will post a follow-up on my progress while I tinker with it.