Tuesday, April 21, 2009

wizardpen-0.7.0-alpha2 DEB package now available

First of all, all thanks to Giorgo Enrico who made the package! I have personally tested it and find it to be working, so I suppose it'd be of great help to those who aren't too comfortable in compiling :).

Anyway, here's the place to download the packages:
Driver: http://www.mediafire.com/file/nyzyynygiyy/wizardpen_0.7.0-alpha2_i386.deb
Calibrator tool: COMING SOON!

I'm not particular sure about whether it does support 8.10 or not, so if somebody had tested it, please let me know ;)


Giorgio Enrico said...

I am glad that the package functions. Calibrate starts correctly from the bin but fails to work. Ancol touch of a screen does not detect the coordinates x, y. Mystery ...

Anderson said...

when you can have a front-end to configure the tablet equal to this http://aiptektablet.sourceforge.net/gaiptek.html

buck2825 said...

running 9.04

the only driver set that I could get to download was the .deb file. installed that package.

in firefox the pen acts like a back button and the mouse courser never moves.

I do not see a (II) LoadModule: "wizardpen" anywhere in the xorg.0.log

thank you in advance.

Diego Giovanni said...

Where is the forum about this driver, i have some dudes using in hardy, or can i use this blog?

Anonymous said...

Hey there, I made a deb with correct fdi information for all of the tablets that use wizardpen drivers, but I need testers.


And report bugs as required:


Thanks guys.

Swapnil said...

Not working on my Machine..its 9.04. Where can I get the clear How-To?


GothPanda said...

I'm having problems getting the pen to work on Ubuntu 9.04. The mouse works fine, but the pen does not respond...

Justin said...

I installed the debian package wizardpen_0.7.0-alpha2_i386 on Ubuntu 9.04 but once the package is installed nothing happens. The pen still doesn't work at all. Do I have to type a command in at the terminal to "activate" the driver somehow?

Anonymous said...


I installed the driver using the deb package but moving the pen doesn't move the cursor and the buttons on it don't do what they should.

Also, I was following the steps to calibrate but I don't know where to find wizardpen-calibrate.

I'm following this instruction.

My tools:
OS: gNewSense 2.2 (Based on Ubuntu 8.04)
Tablet: Genius MousePen 8x6

Felix Leong said...

Currently we need an active maintainer for the driver to make that happen :)

neha said...

Hi I am havin the WP5400U iball digital pen and I am running it on 9.04 and facing the same problem as buck2825 reported..
pen works as back button on firefox and doesnot work anywhere else and mouse doesnot move at all....
What to do I am stuck!
I have followed the steps of ./configure and not used the deb package..
What should i do now?