Friday, October 28, 2005

Fresh Install

It's been a while ever since I last formatted my PC. From memory, the last time being like... 5 years? (Good ol' Win9x days :p)

Suprisingly my WinXP survived for a much longer period of time, and not to mention how many times I got myself burnt/screwed-up with the new found Administration privileges and the nastily complex NTFS administration (OK, probably it wasn't THAT complex, but security functions and user rights did baffle me some time or the other).

After a year of tolerating with those unwanted nonsense, with my Windows system's setting getting creaky, squeaky, rusty, [insert any creative mechanical defect terminology here], etc., I guess it's a good time to tear the whole Windows partition down and start afresh (Hmm... Computer Armageddon, anybody? :p).

Now I'm getting everything installed, now the only annoyance left is to go through Windows Update... using a dialup connection. But then again, with the current Genuine Advantage Program in place, I'm -not- sure whether this will work out (*cough* you know what I mean :p *cough*).

I got all the application I needed in place now, but I'm sure that sooner or later junk will start to plague it. Hope everything's going to be OK by then :p.

In other news, I managed to get my Linux partition updated to Fedora Core 4. Thus far everything's working. What really surprising is that the bootup speed is much more faster than what I used to remember. And that's really a good sign.

Now the only thing I need to do is to get my modem and printer to talk to Linux, hook onto the Internet, getting my MP3s, DVDs to play, learning how to burn CDs, setting up some testing servers and get my Windows partition to show up in the filesystem... among other task that we took for granted in Windows.

And it does seems like it's going to be a long journey ahead for me to be proficient in both Windows and Linux :p. (probably I'll become a Linux convert by then? LOL :p)

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