Thursday, October 27, 2005 The Blueprint

And yes, I'm still alive. Just not feeling that techy lately :p.

I'm starting to work on my website plan, with the blueprints in my head. However, as ambitious I originally was, I realised that it's pretty unfeasable for me to develop my own content management system (CMS) from scratch.

So I really wanted to get one good, flexible, secure, open sourced CMS package. Probably it's much more better for me to learn PHP this way than to work everything on my own.

As I was cruising around looking (shopping?) for some green pastures, I stumbled into OpenSourceCMS, which has quite an extensive list of these packages. But it just seems... too much for me to choose @_@.

Does anyone has any good recommendation for me to start with?

Currently my basic requirements are as follows:
- Image/photo and video gallery, with the ability to set captions and displaying thumbnails and file details
- RSS generation and parsing, so that I can notify users with any new updates, as well as pull RSS feeds/content to my site
- Easy learning curve and the flexibility to develop my own themes
- Article/content management (Ahem... wasn't that the MAIN purpose of a CMS in the first place :p)
- (Optional) The ability to auto-generate website update news, with my own personal description and everything


EngLee said...

I've been playing with mambo quite a while and I see that it is doing quite a good job in managing contents. As an alternative, I see that Joomla (a branch of Mambo) will do better in the near future. However, both of them are actually quite complicated. You might need at least a week to understand the thing.

If you want something really simple, Drupal is the one. But, of course, you don't find that much functions and plugins if to be compared to mambo/joomla.

Felix Leong said...

Does look nifty :). I'll try that out during the weekends :).