Tuesday, December 13, 2005

[LinuxEXP] ADSL Modem/Streamyx Installation

Just get my ADSL router modem up and running. And to be honest, living without any provided manuals is definitely painful.

Anyway, long story cut short, here's the basic installation steps:
(*Note: I'm now using Aztech's DSL600E router modem, connecting to Streamyx)

  1. Connect the ADSL modem to the uplink port of the network switch (usually it's located at the extreme left/right port of the switch, which is usually labelled as "up" or something that is not numbered. Some better switches would have all its port capable of becoming an uplink port, like my ECOM switch)

  2. Connect your client (read: PCs) to the ports on the switch

  3. Configure your network settings to run on DHCP (can be done by accessing Fedora Core 4's menu: System Setting > Network. Click on your network card and edit its setting)

  4. IMPORTANT! This is different from configuring your Windows system: Configure your DNS setting to the DNS server IPs that your ISP provides. (For Streamyx, the DNS IP are [primary], [secondary])
  5. Configure your router setting, usually by accessing to its web interface (in Aztech DSL600E, the address is Installation and configuration information can be accessed here

  6. Execute Firefox and see whether you can surf away!

Note that to configure Windows, the DNS IP is the IP address of the router (in my case, Kinda strange why Windows and Linux behave so differently in this aspect.