Friday, December 16, 2005

[TechnoRant] The Latest Eyesore Of The Web

Remember those days when webpage eyesore was the "in" thing? You know, over abundance of animated GIF, scrolling and blinking text, Comic Sans font everywhere, bad Flash splash pages, the "green text on red background"...

I know, I know, I admit that I did commit those "offenses" once, and learnt my lesson well. But just as I thought people learn how to do better web design this time round, this time we have an even worse eyesore: Webpage advertisements.

Somehow with the recent development that makes webmasters to put advertisements to earn a quick buck, it seems that these amatuers seems to have money blinded their artistic eyesight that they seem to throw great web design concepts out the window.

And more often than not, they seem to flood the whole page with advertisements that I thought that I just bumped into one of those badly maintained subway corridor walls cluttered with enough recyclable (and ugly) paperwork.

Really, somebody really have to kick those webmasters back to school to learn how to build a good, solid site.