Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Updated Wizardpen Driver (0.7.0-alpha1? :p)

Out of the blue I received an updated source file in my mailbox for the Linux Wizardpen driver from a very nice guy called Mike. The driver itself addresses a significant amount of improvements including optimization for performance, which I was completely astonished and blown away by it as I previously have to deal with sluggishness when painting in a maximized GIMP window.

You can download it from the link below:

(*Note: Yeah, I'm being a stupid dumbass for plugging a version number myself... but I suppose the improvement warrants a major number increment ;)

List of features: (*Note: UNTESTED means I was never able to test it myself, please feedback if you had problems with it)

  • Major performance and reliability improvements
  • (UNTESTED) Support for bundled scroll-wheel mouse (I know a lot of people wanted this, hence bolded ;)
  • Pressure sensitivity now configurable (Xorg param: TopZ and BottomZ; range: 0-1024)
  • Reliable button press/release event mechanism (using pressure thresholds)
  • (UNTESTED)Support vertical tablet orientation (useful if are using stacked dual monitors and want the tablet layout to the vertical orientation) (Xorg param: Rotate90 - "0" or "1"
  • [UNTESTED] Ability to tell driver your screen size in case gets confused (xorg param: ScreenX and ScreenY)
  • Debug mode (Xorg parm: debugyn - "0" or "1")

Do have to iterate the fact that Mike should be credited fully for his work and I'm just disseminating this piece of good code :).

Have fun experimenting and post any bugs or issues found!

P/S: The installation steps are already outlined here

(*NOTE: My webhost is acting stupid again, so have to exploit the resources of the "empire" from now :p)


Anonymous said...

Works for me! :-) Thanks a mil!

Any chance of making one of the hardware buttons on the pad itself be "right-click"? That's all I'm missing to be able to use it as an everyday input device.

Felix Leong said...


From what I heard from Mike (the one who coded 0.7.0) is that he's working on the hardware buttons support.

Anonymous said...

Awesome, thanks a mil! :-)

efio said...

works for me too, on Ubuntu 8.10 386..thanks a lot!!

tannim said...

the driver works ok, though I had to add the old style information to the xorg.conf. The FDI file didn't seem to work. I also had to manually move the LA and SO files to a different diretory as outlined in my Installation steps for Zenwalk 5.2 thread on the wizardpen forum.

This driver does not work correctly with the linux version of Jtablet. I cannot tell if it is a problem with the wizardpen or jtablet driver.

Jtablet sort of works, it does recieve pressure data from the tablet/driver while in a java applet but it does not read it constantly. Taking a long timefor pressure to register then holding the same pressure value, increasing, decreasing, or dropping to 0 pressure at random. Usually it stays at 0 pressure. Sometimes it gets spikes from 0 to full and then back to 0 again.

Would love to know if the author could try downloading and installing jtablet for linux and seeing if he could get it to work right.

AP said...

Hi, front-end, possible one ggenius

nabster said...

Problems with downloading the driver. It seems to be available here: