Friday, November 07, 2008

Winamp: It's 1999 all over again!

I have a confession to make: Firewire on Linux sucks! >_<

Despite liking Linux and open source software in general, the only thing that irks me is Firewire/IEEE1394 support: which they never seem to get along with each other at one time or the other, like dysfunctional couples. Or probably it's just the Draconic Apple Empire which decided to screw their firmware so to vow to cause inferno to Linux users (but damn I worship their idol: the iPod).

OK, probably that's a bad joke :p.

Either way, what I used to be able to do it in Hardy (8.04) is to manage my iPod library. What I'm unable to do now with Interpid (8.10) is exactly that: Interpid refuses to mount my humble 3rd-generation iPod. Apparently it is reported that it can be "fixed" by recompiling the kernel without EFI support, but that's something that I'm not willing to do at the moment (mainly due to laziness - I know how long the process would take, coming from a Gentoo background).

So at the moment, it's back to Windows again and having tried out quite a number of players that wasn't iTunes, I find myself using WinAmp. It's sort of a surprise to me and it felt as if I'm back to 1999 (which at that time WinAmp *is* THE player). The few things I liked: support direct drag-and-drop from Explorer to my iPod, read my tags properly and does automatic transcoding (jackpot!). What I don't like about other players: Crashes on me on first run (read: Floola and Froddle Pod), chokes and bloats itself with memory leaks (Songbird), forces me to use a non-intuitive library feature (MediaMonkey) and sluggish UI experience (YamiPod).

Until I can get Intrepid to talk to my iPod and happily reuse gtkpod, guess I'm happy to stick with WinAmp for quite sometime.

And it feels good to feel like you are 17 again :lol:.

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