Monday, August 15, 2005

[TechTools] Mac? Windows?

Can't decide between Mac and Windows (I do :p)? Now here's a good reason to get a Mac (provided you aren't a Windows power user or that you have a Mac powerhouse at your disposal): Virtual PC for Mac

This undoubtly secures a iBook/Powerbook on top of my computer shopping list. (although that also means that I need to secure an extra grand or two for both Virtual PC and WinXP licenses)


EngLee said...

This is cool! But, I'll be happier if Mac OS can be run on PCs. I read about some hackers working on it few days ago. Will wait for it! :)

Felix Leong said...

It is much harder to hack your way through to make MacOS run on a PC due to the difference of CPU architecture, which means that some sort of CPU emulation layer must be in place to translate the CPU instructions.

However, Steve Jobs did announce a switch to Intel CPUs in the future, and that the Mac OS X is developed for both PowerPC and Intel CPU architectures. So probably that might mean sooner or later, we'll be getting Mac OS for the PC?

Well... we'll see what happens next ;).