Tuesday, August 16, 2005

[TechTools] Take Control Of Your Firefox Tabs

miniT: Additional tab related functions for Mozilla Firefox
Link: http://mozilla.dorando.at/readme.html

Ah the joys of tab browsing! Ever since Opera introduced it in their browsers, it really changed how we surf the net. (Admit it: Taskbar's real estate space is never enough for hardcore Internet surfing) And it didn't took long for Mozilla's Firefox (previously known as Phoenix and Firebird) to notice the coolness of it and included the functionality in the very beginning*.

However that being said, Firefox didn't give us much control over the opened tabs. On top of the annoyance list is that we can't organize the tab order. But the Firefox team has definitely have enough foresight to allow developers to write Extensions to enhance their browser, and Dorando did just that to save the agony of control freaks like myself :p.

miniT is one cool Firefox extension that allows more control of your tab-bar. Two of main features are drag-and-drop tab reordering and tabbar scrolling (which allows you to switch your tab focus using the mouse wheel). I never get to test tabbar scrolling now since I don't have a wheel mouse in the office. However the ability to reorder your tabs is very empowering. And one of the neat thing is that when you drag your tab and attempt to reorder it, it has one small, blue arrow that acts as an indicator on to where your tab will be positioned when you release the mouse button. Dorando has good UI design sense to come up that will never surprise the user with strange behaviour. Two thumbs up for the thought being put into that.

So, for all Firefox users, grab this extension now and you'll be amased by it!

* Source: Flexbeta - The History of Mozilla Firefox: From Phoenix, to Firebird, to Firefox

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EngLee said...

I've been using 'Tab Preference' extension all the while, and I find it quite handy. You might want to try it as well? :)

Talking about Firefox extensions, have you tried Adsense Notifier? I had just installed it yesterday. A great tool for adsense users!