Friday, August 26, 2005

[News] Richard Stallman is Now In Town!

Richard Stallman, founder of FSF (Free Software Foundation) is now in Universiti Sains Malaysia to talk about "Software Freedom and Danger of Software Patents".

He'll be coming to UM as well tommorrow, so do check it out as it's really an opportunity of a lifetime.

For more information about Richard Stallman, you can refer to these good Wikipedia articles:
- Wikipedia: Richard Stallman
- Wikipedia: FSF

And for the news, check here:
- Jeff Ooi's Screenshots... : Richard Stallman is coming to town
- Event information -- Apparently the link doesn't work at this point of writing


EngLee said...

Did you go?

Felix Leong said...

Nah I didn't ^-^". Got something on during that time. But my friend, Yoon Kit, did go. You can check out his blog about it ;).

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