Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Trying New Things Out

OK, probably the changes is so obvious that some might have screamed because of it. For those who didn't notice, I have just added a Google search at the sidebar on the side panel and... *gasp!* Adsense?! (OK, that's why I said some people might have screamed murder for that :p)

But anyway, honestly I just wanted to try it out a little, consider the attention it has get in the recent past. Personally I believe that a search bar by the side would be useful to those who just want to get info on the go (well... thoughts and ideas does come and go only within a few mouse clicks ;) ).

As for the ad, well, let's just put it that it is indeed tempting to get that extra cash, if that's actually possible ;). Anyway, I do try to put it as unintrusive as humanly possible so I hope it wouldn't disrupt your reading interest towards what I really wanted to share later on.

Anyway, on the technical side of things, I have been pretty busy lately. But the only thing is that it has nothing to do with anything hands-on, as I found myself doing more technical writing than anything else (which includes a specification required for my research project given at my day job, as well as a paper which is basically a summary of my own final year project thesis). But currently I'm going to kickstart with some small projects on my own to explore some PHP, C# and simple Win32 API stuff. Will post thoughts, lessons learnt and ideas then ;).

[P/S: Anyone has good sites which gives technical writing tips and general tips on how to understand RFC documents?]


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