Wednesday, July 13, 2005

[eBook] An Introduction to GCC

An Introduction to GCC by Brian Gough

Rating: 5/5
Level: Beginner-Intermediate
A superb introductory book about the GCC compiler, which teaches you step-by-step from simple compilation, a guide of useful tools to help in your programming and debugging tasks, to advanced compiling tips and tricks.

Brian explains the steps in a very clear and consise manner to ensure that you not only know how to do a task, he also explains why and why nots in a very easy to understood manner. Every single section is presented in chunk-sized bits which are easy to digest even for beginners which guides you through the path of becoming a seasoned programmer (who knows how to use his tools well).

Chapter 13: Common Error Messages is definitely a godsend, which focuses on the common error messages and an explanation on what does it means and the common symptoms that causes it. If I had known this much earlier during my beginning days of programming, I wouldn't have wasted agonizing hours to try to fit a square peg into a round hole.

By all means, this book is not only a good introductory manual, it also serves as a good reference as it structured the book nicely. So in case you want to find a common compiler command flag, or probably you want to find a good tool for your debugging task, all you need to do is to flip to the corresponding section and get your answers.

For those who would want to know the GCC compiler without all the steep learning curve and jargon should read this book :). (Hmm... probably I would want to get a paperback copy of it)

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