Friday, July 01, 2005 Up

I have just recovered my old 2002'ish content of my manga drawing tutorial site, Felix Leong: PEDAGOGIES, over So probably those interested can take a look at it ;).

Just to share some resources, for those people who dreadfully need FTP upload access through a company firewall, here's some good, free web-based FTP clients that you can use:
- net2ftp: Quite restrictive, but it's good for uploading small files for site. The best thing I like about it is that it supports Upload-and-Unzip, which means that you can upload a ZIP archive of the files you wanted to upload, then net2ftp will unzip and load it into your web space
- UnlimitedFTP: I recommend this one better due to it's features, but currently it's down so I suppose it's hard for me to elaborate much about it
[*Update: It's back up again :). Anyway, basically it's a free web-based FTP service with a very user-friendly Java applet client that you can use to upload files to the server. It doesn't have any file size upload limit restriction like net2ftp does, so it's much more useful]


EngLee said...

I'm quite worry if the online FTP systems might retain a copy of all the files you are uploading in their servers. But if you are restricted by the firewalls, then this should be the ONLY way.

Felix Leong said...

I'm not sure about UnlimitedFTP, but net2ftp does provide their PHP script (not sure whether it's open source or freeware). But as far as I'm concerned, usually they don't keep a copy of the file unless they would want to flood their web servers ;).