Sunday, July 03, 2005

Learning PHP

Been staying at home reading a free ebook on PHP, A Programmer's Introduction to PHP 4.0 from Apress. It's really cool to have publishers putting up free ebooks for download :), which I'm planning to get one of those PHP books next month as reading ebooks doesn't quite feel the same as reading a REAL book. As much as it is an introductory book on PHP, it has all the beginning building blocks to build up a dynamic site. Interesting :).

Currently I'm drafting the basic architecture of Felix Leong: PEDAGOGIES, basically I'm planning to use PHP, XML and databases. It'll be a small site at first, but I'm planning to expand it to a personal web portal which I can put up all my stuff that I wanted to share :). Thinking of it... it might be a really big project for me to handle as I might have to learn about RSS (to syndicate all my blogs), portal management, database considerations and other stuff. Guess I'll take one baby step at a time ;).

Will post more details about the site design soon! :)

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